200 Series

E-MAG Series 200-6X (Experimental)

UPDATE January 2020:   First shipments of Series 200-6X started the second week of January.   The production ramp up will be gradual.  We are contacting customers (email and phone) to review order details as they come up in the production queue.  Initial deliveries will consist of one unit only, even when two are on order.  The second side will follow as soon as the production ramp up allows.  Customers of course have the option of deferring until we can deliver both sides at the same time.

Customers are strongly encouraged to review the latest manual (see below) for their engine – discard all previous versions.  

Manual P200 6XLycoming V39 [click to open]

[Manual P200 6XContinental V39 [click to open]

Experimental versions will have two cockpit controlled operating modes (fixed and variable firing) with both modes sharing a common processor based control logic circuit.  Future versions, for certified aircraft, will have two separate logic control circuits in each ignition (Patented) for added redundancy.




Experimental Lycoming and Continental engines

Trim-to-fit Harness


Plug wire, terminals, boots, crimp tool

Auto Plug Adapter Kit


18mm to 14mm adapters with gaskets

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