200 Series

E-MAG Series 200-6X (Experimental)

Owners/Operators – Check the Service Notes page frequently for latest operational updates.

Key Features:

  • Built-in back-up operating power.  The importance of power supply for any electronic ignition cannot be overstated.  E-MAG’s internal alternator (redundant back-up power) provides automatic switching between aircraft (14v to 28v) and internal operating power.
  • High energy spark –  A standard feature for any modern electronic ignition.  But to avoid too much of a good thing E-MAGs uses a closed-loop energy  management system (not too much – not too little) to reduce operating stresses.
  • Variable spark firing –  Another standard feature for electronic ignitions.  Tuning the advance range is key.  Series 200 has simple built-in tools for adjusting the variable boundaries.  Note:  An optional cockpit switch lets the pilot choose fixed or variable mode firing [required for boosted engines].
  • Simplified mechanical section.  All moving mechanical elements are housed in the nose (engine oil/wet) section with a solid barrier separating the electronics/dry section – i.e. no oil seal to wear out.
  • Multi-strike firing and boosted energy at start-up.  Starts more like a car.

Update 3/15/21:

The six cylinder production ramp up is now complete and the waiting list backlog has finally cleared.  Customer reception has been quite favorable, but we still see room for improvement.  Since the initial release last year, we’ve made some recent changes:

  1.  We use a small  internal gear reduction to convert the source drive (1.5:1) to a useful ratio.  We changed a quarter-size gear in this reduction set to a non-lubricated style.  This reduces wear, assembly, and maintenance time.  Most of the installed fleet already has this update.  [ref marking “HW-18” or after on case].
  2. Firmware version 054 includes a simpler initialization routine to resolve an intermittent miss issue reported by a few operators.  Such reports have been few, but it’s nice to know if it comes up a remedy is at hand.  [ref “FW-054” or after on case]
  3. Other changes and enhancements to set-up and operating procedures are detailed in the updated manuals found here Click Me!
  4. All elements (logic circuits, coil, position sense, internal alternator) are housed in a single module – no outside sensors or control boxes to mount.
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