Customer Reports

Bill Harrelson, current world speed record for circumnavigation – polar route.

E-MAG Customer Reports

A 4 year pirep on my Emag/Pmag equipped RV-9A. I have 48 months, 725 hours on the plane and the 113 Series E-Mag Ignitions now, and I can tell you they have never missed a beat.
Pete (puppy-man) Howell
I have been running E-Mag electronic ignitions for over five years and almost 700 hours. My O320/160hp runs smoother, burns less fuel and starts easier than it ever did.

Timing is so easy that my “magneto” friends just shake their heads and smile.

Thank you for taking us from 1930’s technology to the 21st century!

Steve Emley
We have found our P-Mags to be dependable and economical. . . . Our P-Mags have powered us to the Bahamas many times, to Mexico 4 times, to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama as well as all over the US.

Update: We’ve been running p-mags on our 320 for about 1,400 hrs now!

Bill & Sue Harrelson
When you build an airplane so far away from the US, it’s very important that the companies you deal with have good customer care, and I can truly say that Brad and his crew are among the best! In fact; I’m so pleased, without hesitation at all, I can recommend P-mags!
Alf Olay Frog
After a little under 200 hours of flight on my P-Mag, I can honestly tell you that it is the best upgrade I’ve made to my plane. The improvement in performance is best described as “10%”. At any time you can choose to use any combination of the “about 10% increase in power” or the “about 10% better fuel economy”. To me, the usability improvements are just as important as the numerical improvements, With my P-Mag the engine starts MUCH easier. Less cranking with zero oil pressure can only extend the life of my engine. As well, the low speed idle is much. much smoother.
Alex Arnoldy

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I’d like to comment on how pleased I am with the performance of the E-MAG ignitions in my RV7 and RV6. I am proud to report that it has 500+ HOURS OF TROUBLE FREE service. That is saying a lot, due to the fact that 80 of those hours were used exclusively for RV training. During the course of my training, the equipment is constantly being pushed to its limits with all the touch and goes, and each time it performs perfectly.

Thanks for turning out such a great product.

Alex De Dominicis
Between the two aircraft I have flow about 900hrs behind P-Mags now and loved the smooth and economical operation they have brought to both engines.
Martin Sutter
I have been using the P-Mags 113 series since Dec 2006. With over 250 flawless hours on this dual P-Mag installation. My engine has never ran so smooth and efficient.
Kurt Rutkowski
Tom and Bonnie Lewis have flown their RV7A 775 hours in 3.5 years. They have given us many hours of trouble free enjoyment!
Tom and Bonnie Lewis
I now have dual P-mags on two airplanes, and am impressed both with the performance of the ignition and the installation process. It took about one day of labor to switch an airplane from Dual Slicks to Dual P-Mags, and the engine fired right up!
Paul DyeFlight Test Engineer, Aviation Columnist