E-MAG Products and Prices

2024 Pricing:

Prices for 2024 are shown below.   Most are aware the world-wide flow of goods and services was unpredictable last couple years, a pattern that is likely to continue in 2024.  Please be assured, we are committed to providing the best possible ignition value.

Lycoming four cylinder engines

Lycoming™ four cylinder (and clone) engines.  Includes E-MAG internal backup alternator.  (3.3 lbs, 6.25″ from flange face to back of installed plug wires).

P114-L4   $1,897

Continental four cylinder engines

Continental™ O-200, IO-240 (and mechanically similar installations).  Includes E-MAG internal backup alternator. (3.3 lbs, 5.75″ from flange face to back of installed plug wires). Requires Gear Adapter.

P114-C4    $1,897

NEW Six Cylinder Series 200

200-6XL Lycoming™ style engines
200-6XC Continental™ style engines

$1,994 Ignition Kit includes:

  • One 200-6X (Lycoming or Continental style)
  • Standard (solder connection) circular Control Plug kit.
  • Ignition mounting gasket.
  • Silicone MAP tubing with ratchet clamps and 1/8″ barb fittings.

Additional items – purchased separately (see manual for details):

  • 1/2 Terminated plug wire kit $96.00.
  • Plug wire end fittings kit (plug boots and 90-degree terminals) $26.
  • Plug wire end fitting kit (plug end only – straight) $26.
  • Auto  Spark Plug Adapter kit (six pieces with gasket)  – select size SR, LR, or LRX (for certain Continental engines) $152.
  • Optional pre-wired and potted Control Plug with 96″ of color coded wire – $105.
  • Optional Mode Switch SPDT with two imbedded 2K resistors (one for each ignition) – required for boosted engines $66.


Auto Harness

4 Cylinder Ignitions
Pre-Terminated “Auto 4 Lead Kit” – $96.00

Auto Plug Adapter Kits

SR adapters reduce 18mm to 14mm thread for short reach (19mm) auto plugs (NGK BR8ES or BR8EIX).  For engines using aircraft “M” plugs (example REM37E)

LR adapters reduce 18mm to 14mm thread for long reach (26.5mm) auto plugs (Denso IKH27).  For engines using aircraft “B” plugs (example REB37E)

LRX – same as LR except the hex head is extended to better fit certain Continental (six cylinder) heads where the plug insertion face is recessed.

Copper gaskets are included with all adaptersWhen purchasing kits customers can request a spare (1) adapter for additional $5.00 (at time of purchase only).

Four Cylinder Kits

  • EMA74001 SR Auto Adapters (SET of 4) – $110
  • EMA73001 LR Auto Adapters (SET of 4) – $110

Six Cylinder Kits

  • EMB60301 SR Auto Adapters (SET of 6) – $152
  • EMB60401 LR Auto Adapters (SET of 6) – $152
  • EMB60501 LRX Auto Adapters (SET of 6) – $152

Single Adapters

  • EMC01101 SR Auto Adapter (single) – $31.50
  • EMC01201 LR Auto Adapter (single) – $31.50
  • EMC01301 LRX Auto Adapter (single) – $31.50

See manual for installation instructions.

Mounting Clips

You can reuse your old aluminum mounting clips, but if needed, we can provide them.

“Mounting Clips” $34/pair

Drive Gear (certified)

Lycoming styled non-impulse type drive gear for four-cylinder engines. (Impulse type gears will not mount correctly.)

By special arrangement with the manufacturer, we can offer [for factory direct sales only] new drive gears at a reduced price.

“Cert L Gear” $265

Certified gears may contain marking number “61163”. Our earlier (uncertified) gears do not carry such markings.

Gear Adapter Kit

(Adapter and washer)
Adapter allows you to use Continental™ O-200, IO-240 mag gear on your E-MAG.

“C Gear Adap Kit” – $165