Three wires to check – Power, Ground, P-lead

Testing for report “LED doesn’t light”. Three wires to examine – power, ground, and kill (p-lead). REVIEW – the rule for entering set-up is simple, but strict. You MUST have kill switch OFF/GROUNDED while (prior) to turning power ON.

First – observe LED the instant of power ON.

When you first apply power ON (12 volts to pin 5, and ground to pin 1) the ignition will initialize and run internal checks and then (if checks pass) will send the LED a color burst for 1/4 second duration, indicating the ignition has successfully powered ON and passed iinternal tests. This color burst verifies the ignition has both power and ground connections, which are two of the three connections you need to test. If you don’t see a color burst, the ignition may not be getting power or ground, which narrows your search to those two connections.

If you DO see the color burst, but after 1/4 second it goes off(dark), the ignition has both power and ground, but the kiill (p-lead) is not grounded. This is a simple, but key, observation that narrows your search to the last remaining kill switch wiring.

Note: A steady or 1/2 second pulsing YELLOW LED is a specific signal of a different issue.