E-MAG 3-Step Installation

Step 1

Install Drive Gear:
Recover the non-impulse drive gear from your old mag and install it on your E-MAG. If you don’t have a suitable drive gear, E-MAG can provide one.

Step 2

Connect Control Leads & Harness:
Switch – Connect your existing ignition switch (“P Lead”).
Power – From your 12 volt power buss.
Ground – Connect directly to engine case ground.
Tach – (optional)
MAP – Connect MAP sensor tube to fitting on ignition.
Spark Plugs and Harness Kit

Step 3

Install & Set Timing with Quick-Set TM:
Pre-install the ignition(s) at any orientation that’s convenient. You won’t move them again so secure for operation. Position the engine at TDC.
Power the ignition ON. Disconnect the MAP tubing where it ties into the craft and blow into it (minimum 1/2 psi for 1 second). The built-in LED will flash RED. Blow into the tube a second time and the LED will flash GREEN, indicating that timing has been set. Power cycle the ignition and your done.

Note: You can set timing on two E-MAGs in exactly the same way in exactly the same amount of time – 30 to 60 seconds.