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Several ” Blue-Chip” engine shops have installed hundreds of our sets on a wide range of custom projects. Their experience installing, timing, and doing countless “first-runs” in their test cells gives them a unique and valuable perspective.

We have been flying a P-Mag [“P” model E-MAG] on our company RV-4 for the last four years without any problems and highly recommend it. The installation was extremely simple with no external box or sensors to mount. We had it installed and flying in less than a day. After installing the P-Mag I had a noticeable decrease in fuel flow and the engine runs and idles smoother.
Rob HickmanAdvanced Flight Systems
We have found that the E-Mags are very easy to install and have performed flawlessly for us on numerous engines. I highly recommend E-mags to all of our experimental engine customers.
Stephen D. FowlerAmerica's Aircraft Engines
Great reliable product straight out of the box. Installation is a breeze. Customer support is magnificent. What more could you ask for?
Mahlon RussellMattituck
As for the PIREP on my 2 E-Mags, what comes to mind is the simple sentence. “I turn the key and the engine starts on about the second or third blade.” My mechanic, Randy Richmond, says it is the smoothest running engine he has ever heard in an RV. And since his shop is located just right of the upland leg of our local airfield, his opinion carries some real weight. I probably have 100 hours or so now on this dual P-mag setup, and would happily recommend them to anyone who asked.
Doug ReevesOwner/Publisher of
Experimental aviation is an environment where ideas are allowed to evolve toward the elegant solution. E-Mag has honorably and artfully exploited this venue to offer an exceptional product. [Post from AeroElectric (2005) – “E-MAG – the next big thing.”]
Bob NuckollsEngineer/Publisher AeroElectric Connection
During the set-up of experimental engines in our test cell, we have installed different electronics systems. E-MAGS have been user friendly and, to us, are the best electronic system available.
Lou PierardEagle Engines - Ameritech
E-MAGs have defenses for power buss fluctuation during engine start. As a result, we have very few starter issues with E-MAGs.
Rich ChiappeSky-Tec Flyweight Starters